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Los Angeles Homeowners Spend Less on Attic Insulation and Start Lowering Energy Bills

Insulating the attic has been proven to provide homeowners with significant benefits. Today, homeowners can take advantage of the benefits offered by attic insulation by Guardian Home Insulation and spend less on the insulation itself thanks to a new rebate program. If you’d like to cut your energy bills, learn how you can take advantage of this rebate program today.

Attic Insulation Helps Lower Energy Bills

    Insulation in the attic helps keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
    Without insulation, it’s possible to see temperature fluctuations of up to 10 degrees.
    With insulation, however, fluctuations may be as little as 3 degrees.
    This means the heating and air conditioning system doesn’t need to work as hard to make sure you’re comfortable.

When the system doesn’t need to work as hard, it doesn’t cost as much to run. Since the heating and air conditioning system is often a huge percentage of a home’s energy bills, cutting down on the work it does can cut energy bills by up to 30%. With attic insulation, Los Angeles homeowners can save up to $375 per year.

Other Benefits of Attic Insulation

Attic insulation does more than just help with energy costs. In fact, it offers quite a few benefits homeowners might be interested in. Cellulose insulation, for instance, is more fire resistant than fiberglass. This could give firefighters more time to arrive at the home to prevent the fire from being even more destructive.

Insulation also offers better sound control, minimizing the outside noises that can often be heard inside the home. Today’s insulation can also help prevent insects and rodents getting into the house. Insulation may be treated with boric acid, which is incredibly effective at combating infestations.

Los Angeles Department of Power and Water – New Rebate Program to Save Money

Los Angeles homeowners who want to have their attic insulated and save money on the installation cost will want to look into the new rebate program. The program, announced in August, is a five-year, $100 million program to help people in Los Angeles reduce energy use and save money. It covers $1 per square foot of installation, for a total of up to 80% of the installation cost.

This rebate program is available to homeowners in a detached single family or multi-residential home. Homeowners can have Guardian Home Insulation hand the installation for them and then request the rebate through the program to save on the total cost for their attic insulation. This can help them save on the cost of the insulation as well as their future energy costs, for significant savings.

If you’re tired of spending a ton of money on your energy every month, look into solutions like attic insulation that can be done once and allow you to get the benefits for many years. Guardian Home Insulation can help with attic insulation as well as other energy-saving services, and you can now save money through the new insulation rebate program. Contact a professional from Guardian Home Insulation today to learn more.

Southern California Gas Rebates Customers of Southern California Gas Company are entitled to a rebate for both attic and wall insulation which usually amounts to 8-12% of the total cost of insulation. Unlike most contractors Guardian will not only calculate your exact rebate but will submit all necessary paperwork to the gas company on your behalf. All you need to do is sign the application and provide us a copy of your gas bill. Some electric companies, such as Riversite Utility and Colton Electric Utility also offer rebates. SDG&E’s rebate for wall insulation ended in May 2016. Cities not serviced by Southern California Gas, such as Long Beach and Laguna Woods, are not eligible for a utility company rebate. So Cal Gas Company Rebates have been established and required by the CA Public Utilities Commission to make a certain amount of money available to homeowners of older, under insulated homes. These rebates are a mandatory condition for So Cal Gas for being allowed to continue their dramatic rate increases. The amount of the rebate is a function of your square footage and of your existing level of insulation. Our complimentary assessment allows us to calculate the exact amount of your rebate which we guarantee will be paid by Guardian Insulation in the unlikely event of a denial notice from So Cal Gas.


Guardian offers low interest financing through which allows you to deduct the entire cost of your insulation & the full amount of the interest. Depending on your tax bracket this often allows for a net zero interest loan and allows you to pay for your entire project out of the savings on your energy bills. We can also assist you in acquiring a home equity line of credit which offers rates as low as 3.75%.

Additional Incentives

SoCal Gas Rebates

Walls = $.30 per square foot

Attic = $.15 per square foot

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