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Guardian Home Energy is committed to keeping you comfortable at a cost you can afford. The older your home is the more you can be assured that creating and maintaining a temperate yet energy efficient living environment for your family was not a primary concern at the time of construction. Issues with older homes tend to include minimal insulation and insufficient venting in the attic, empty exterior walls, drafty single pane windows and inefficient HVAC units. Guardian will customize a comprehensive solution for your home which will address your family’s specific needs. As every family is different, our in home assessment involves not only taking readings and measurements but developing a thorough understanding of both how you use your home and how sensitive you are to heat and cold. We are a HERO approved contractor with a thorough understanding of the different rebates and incentive programs which usually allows us to drastically improve the comfort and efficiency of your home without any out of pocket expense or increase in monthly payment. When and if you are ready to sell your home we can refer you to a Realtor who knows how to target home buyers seeking energy efficient homes and will ensure you get top dollar for the money you’ve invested.

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Why us?

25 Years of Experience

Combining a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from UC Berkeley with 25 years of experience in residential home insulation.

Fully licensed

Guardian Insulation is a fully licensed, bonded and insured insulation and acoustical contractor specializing in blown insulation.

Excellence Service

We have over 500 satisfied customers in California and Colorado, many of whom would be happy to speak to you and attest to the quality of our work.

Great Support

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and, as such, we offer a full satisfaction guarantee on our work

Lifetime Guarantee

We are the only insulation contractor in California who offers a full guarantees your wall texture & color match will not be visible upon completion of your job.

Total Satisfaction

We guarantee we will also leave your home in the same condition we found it and do not collect final payment until the jobsite has been properly cleaned to your satisfaction.


“It’s shown a remarkable difference in the overall costs for our heating and cooling. I would certainly highly recommend that you use Guardian Insulation to have your home insulated. I was really happy with the company and the services they provide. And I feel it was well worth the cost.”

“They did a very quick and professional job, left everything nice and clean. The gas bill and the electric bill have gone down. I would definitely say it was worth the investment if you’re planning on staying in your home, absolutely I would recommend it.”

“We noticed a dramatic difference…it was extremely warm and now it’s very bearable. Also with the colder weather in the mornings it’s much warmer. The people who did the work were extremely professional. We are very happy with the work they did. When they patched the holes they turned out perfectly. You couldn’t even tell that they were ever there. And overall we are extremely pleased with the product and the results of insulating the house.”

“Our house feels 100% better! The furnace barely runs now and when the AC runs the house feels cooler and more comfortable. The patching and painting of the walls is so good you seriously cannot see where the holes were drilled to fill the walls. We are very happy and recommend Guardian Insulation.”

“We noticed a huge difference in the comfort of the home immediately, particularly on the second story. I am an HVAC contractor and I would highly recommend anyone bring their insulation up to code in the attic and the exterior walls as it will significantly reduce the use of your air conditioner. I have referred several clients to Guardian and they have all been very pleased with the results, the quality of work and the crew. They even used special equipment to insulate our cathedral ceilings which most contractors could not do. I would highly recommend them to anyone who lives and an older home.”

They were quick to respond to our inquiry. Jesse, the salesman, was professional and easy to work with. He even came by to check on the progress of the installation and to make sure it was to our satisfaction. The installer, Mark, showed up on time and was prepared. He protected our floors, walls and furniture, and completed the job on schedule. Clean-up was thorough.


Jesse was great at explaining what needed to be done to fix my issues with excessive heat. He helped me get qualified for the HERO program which allowed me to get the work done that I needed. Mark came out to do the work. He was fantastic and went above and beyond with paint matching and even fixed some pre-existing paint match issues that I had. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the service I received and would highly recommend this company

Guardian insulation was prompt in responding, Jesse is a great promoter for the company, his presentation was on spot. Mark, he is on the job when he is suppose to be and is an artist in matching the paint and doing patchwork, he made the holes look like they were never there. Great job!

Jessie was a lot of help. Honest and to the point. A/C ran all day before the work. Now cycles on and off during the high heat of the day. Will pay for itself. Great job!

We are 4.5 star rated on Yelp!

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