Today, solar is the right choice for the earth and the right choice for our homes. Guardian can fulfill the energy demands of almost any home with a unique, low-profile design to create an elegant appearance that blends beautifully with today’s residential architecture. Guardian sets a new standard in solar aesthetics and performance, offering flexible installation for nearly any kind of roof. We work directly with a solar panel manufacturer and are therefore able to offer solar at wholesale pricing, a full 20% below the average price for systems in Colorado, based on data from 2015. Or, as an alternative to a discount, we can throw in “free stuff” (insulation, whole house fans, new windows, even a new roof) much like a car dealership would add “free” runner boards, window tinting & seat covers to someone willing to pay “sticker price” for a new car. But, as the owner is entitled to a 30% Federal Tax Credit off the price of a solar system, paying for additional improvements out of the profit we make of a solar system allows the homeowner to take a full 30% credit on every dollar they spend.

Save up to 70% on Utilities